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Wireless speaker Bluetooth soundbar peaker with LED RGB

Wireless speaker Bluetooth soundbar peaker with LED RGB

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Classic appearance design adding RGB LED decoration make it looks elegant.

The soundbar has 2*5W speaker drives with passives that delivers clear sound output.


It supports multiple modes of BT, TF card, USB, AUX and FM radio.

This wireless soundbar speaker can be used both indoor desktop and outdoor party.

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This soundbar speaker is a great addition to any home entertainment system or outdoor party. With its 5*2W speakers drive and 2 passive, it delivers clear and powerful sound and amazing bass, that will enhance your movie-watching or music-listening experience.

RGB LED light Wireless Strong Stereo gaming Soundbar

The built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to easily connect your phone or other devices to the speaker, so you can stream your favorite tunes wirelessly. The phone is power off? No problem, just give me an SD card; No SD card? Easy, it can play with USB flash disk! Without USB flash disk? Don’t worry, you still can use AUX to laptop or TV!

Moreover, the RGB led decoration adds soft atmosphere to your room or house. Enjoy high-quality sound and a stylish design with this wireless soundbar speaker!

RGB LED Bluetooth Strong Stereo Soundbar speaker


Brand HLT/OEM/ODM Material ABS+Iron mesh
Model NO. HLB-G50 Battery capacity 1200mAh
Output power 5W*2 Play time 3-4 hours
Bluetooth version 5.0 Product Weight 556g
Product size 372*70*55mm Color Black/grey

Bluetooth soundbar speaker is getting popular since 2021. Like normal desktop Bluetooth speaker it also connects to TV or other devices via Bluetooth technology wirelessly, you can move them around your home theater room or to outdoor easily.

Bluetooth soundbars adopt long linear design so they have enough space for bigger horn and battery. With using the same speaker drive, Bluetooth soundbars achieve better surround sound quality than desktop speakers. So if you are looking to upgrade your home theater system, Bluetooth soundbar speaker is a good choice.


The panel design make this soundbar a sleek and modern look. Round and clear buttons are easier to press. The buttons are durable that can stand at least 10000 times of lifespan.

Portable Wireless Strong Stereo gaming Soundbar RGB LED light

Strong and solid iron mesh is durable and can withstand more wear and tear. It protects the speaker from dust and other debris. Additionally, the iron mesh also helps to improve the sound quality of the speaker by reducing distortion.

Portable Wireless Strong Stereo gaming speaker RGB LED light

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Portable Wireless Strong Stereo gaming Soundbar speaker RGB LED light

five_start Dynamic RGB streamer effect and cool desktop effect. Cool gradient atmosphere lighting effect with different lighting peripherals. More cool game experience.

five_start Full frequency horn unit gives out 360°stereo surround sound, 360°panoramic sound unit simulates cinema surround sound to make your house become real cinema.

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