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New 10W Sound Bar Desktop Wireless Speaker

New 10W Sound Bar Desktop Wireless Speaker

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About this 10W RGB light Soundbar speaker:

This 10w Soundbar Desktop Wireless Speaker is revolutionizing the audio experience. It’s built with precision and expertise to deliver an unrivaled audio experience. The product is unique not only for its powerful sound capabilities, but also for its attractive LED RGB lighting accents that add a touch of visual appeal to any space.

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One of the outstanding features of our Sound Bar Desktop Wireless Speaker is its impressive 10-15 meter wireless transmission range, ensuring a stable and fast connection with your phone. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted music playback without worrying about loss or connection issues. Whether you're throwing a party or just enjoying a cozy evening at home, this speaker will consistently deliver flawless sound no matter where you are in the room.

However, what really sets this product apart is its vibrant LED RGB lighting.  RGB lights can be customized to create countless color combinations, bringing a captivating visual element to your audio experience. When you play your favorite music, the lights sync to the beat, creating a mesmerizing light show that adds an extra layer of excitement and energy to any environment. With a variety of light modes to choose from, you can easily create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

RGB Soundbar Speaker 2400mAh 10W Alarm Clock Wireless speaker Subwoofer
RGB Soundbar Speaker Alarm Clock Wireless speaker Subwoofer

Of course, all the visual wonders in the world mean nothing without exceptional audio quality. That's why our Sound Bar desktop wireless speakers are equipped with two full-range speakers to ensure rich and immersive sound reproduction. You'll be amazed at the crystal-clear audio and powerful bass this compact device delivers. Whether you're listening to your favorite music, or immersed in an exciting movie or gaming experience, this speaker will take your audio immersion to new heights.

In addition to great sound quality and attractive lighting accents, our Sound Bar tabletop wireless speakers are also backed by versatility. Optionally connected via Bluetooth, FM, USB, TF card or AUX, the device offers unrivaled versatility, making it ideal for any audio source. Whether you like to transfer music wirelessly, listen to the radio, insert a USB or TF card, or directly connect devices via AUX, this speaker can meet your needs.

RGB strong bass sound bar speaker with alarm clock

Our Sound Bar desktop wireless speakers combine aesthetics, superior sound quality and unmatched functionality to deliver an unrivaled audio experience. Whether you're looking to enhance your home entertainment system or provide your clients with cutting edge audio solutions, this product is a game changer.





ABS+iron mesh

Model NO.


Battery capacity


Output power


Play time

5-6 hours

Bluetooth version

JL 5.0

Drive unit

2 inch * 2

Product size





BT/FM/USB/TFCard/AUX/Clock/Alarm/RGB Led light


 The outer metal mesh protect the interior speaker drive from vibration and dust. It’s solid that durable for years of using that extend the lifespan. Moreover, the metal mesh is anti-scratch. You don’t need to worry about falling down or the pets touching cause scarification on surface.

RGB Soundbar Speaker 10W Alarm Clock Wireless speaker

 Independent function buttons on the panel looks clear. The 8 buttons are easy to use for each individual function. It’s convenient for using one of single function. Users can switch music mode to radio or to hand-free phone call freely when they need.

10W RGB sound bar with alarm clock

Join us on this exciting journey and be a part of the audio revolution. Don't miss out on this opportunity to try and feel this truly immersive audio experience. Together, let's redefine the way we listen to music and celebrate the fusion of technology and artistry with the amazing 10W RGB audio sound bar home theatre.

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