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Custom Procedure

Custom Procedure

• As we all know that 3C digital products are in great variety. There are lots of new designs every year. 

• As professional manufacturer of Portable Bluetooth speakers and TWS earbuds, HLT provide one-stop custom service for customers. Here’s how we move:

01 Communicate and understand customer needs:

Concept study submit solution proposals finalize specification make costing customer confirmation of acceptance of price start-up plan.

02 Project approval:

Determine the project team members→division of work→make out timetable.

03 Design stage:

Design prototyping sound tuning functional testing.

04 Mold opening stage:

Mechanical design drawings mold opening tooling design.

05 Trial installation:

Reliability testing functional testing sound tuning verification preparing data sheet.

06 Make SOP → Make fixture

Make SOP Make fixture.

07 Trial production:

Quality inspection reliability test function test sound tuning final sample confirmation.

08 Mass production:

Quality inspection delivery.