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New member of Earphone family: Bone conduction Earphone

New member of Earphone family: Bone conduction Earphone

Bone conduction is a mode of sound transmission that converts sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies and transmits sound waves through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymph, spiral apparatus, and auditory center.

Compared to the classic sound transmission method of generating sound waves through the diaphragm, bone conduction eliminates many steps of sound wave transmission, enabling clear sound restoration in noisy environments, and does not affect others due to the diffusion of sound waves in the air. Bone conduction technology is divided into bone conduction speaker technology and bone conduction microphone technology:

(1) Bone conduction speaker technology uses bone conduction technology to receive calls, the sound waves are directly transmitted to the auditory nerve through the bone, which is tightly attached to the bone. Therefore, it is possible to open both ears without damaging the eardrum. In the military and civilian fields, facial cheekbones are generally used to directly transmit sound.

(2) Using bone conduction technology to collect sound, sound waves pass through the bones to the microphone. In the civil field, bone conduction technology is generally used to reduce noise. Due to the needs of military scenarios, it is sometimes impossible to speak loudly, and the loss rate of sound in bone conduction is far lower than that in air conduction. Bone conduction microphone technology earphones mainly use bone conduction in the throat. Low loss due to close proximity. Soldiers only need to make a small voice to accurately convey the instructions they want to express.

Earphones made using these bone conduction techniques are called bone conduction earphones, also known as bone sensing earphones.


Features of bone conduction earphones

(1) Bone conduction speaker technology earphones:
When wearing and using, open both ears without blocking the ears, solving the discomfort of wearing earphones. At the same time, it also avoids a series of hygiene and health problems caused by sweating in the ear when exercising with headphones. Therefore, bone conduction speaker earphones are very suitable for sports use. Opening both ears also ensures the possibility of using headphones in hazardous situations. Open your ears and notice the changes in the surrounding environment while using the headset, making it safer to use.

(2) Bone conduction microphone technology earphones:
Due to the close distance to collect sound, the loss is low. It is mainly used in the military field to be able to clearly understand the instructions expressed even when the volume of speech is very small.

Post time: Apr-04-2023