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How to select a wireless Bluetooth speaker

How to select a wireless Bluetooth speaker

What’s Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speaker is the application that Bluetooth technology apply on traditional digital and multimedia speakers, allowing users to listen to music freely without the hassle of annoying wires. With the development of smart terminals, Bluetooth speakers have received widespread attention from users such as mobile phones and tablets. Bluetooth technology has made wireless speakers possible, and various well-known brands have launched their "Bluetooth speakers" of various shapes. Due to its compact appearance, wide compatibility of Bluetooth chips and many novel features, it is popular among young people. The portable Bluetooth speaker market is a relatively emerging field.


So how to select a wireless Bluetooth speaker? There are mainly 5 points:

1. Bluetooth version improvement
Although the latest Bluetooth version has downward compatibility feature, almost all versions of Bluetooth are 100% compatible, this does not mean that the Bluetooth version model is not important. So far, there are 9 versions of Bluetooth technology, including V1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2. The higher versions are backward compatible. V1.1 and 1.2 has been out of date. Currently, the most widely used version is V5.0, which has significantly improved transmission speed and generally achieves transmission distances of 10-15 meters. It is recommended to select version4.0 above because low Bluetooth versions can easily cause intermittent music playback.

2. About materials: pay attention to workmanship
Unlike traditional multimedia speakers that use wooden boxes, most Bluetooth small speakers typically use plastic or metal. Generally, big brands do not compromise on the materials used for loudspeakers. Even if plastic materials are used, there are few defects such as uneven surface and thin texture. Some carefully designed brands may even apply waterproof coating or special waterproof paint on the surface to meet the needs of outdoor travel. Here, I would like to remind you to pay attention to whether the interface of the box is smooth, and weigh the speaker by hand. Although a loght weight speaker is portable, the slight bumps can easily lead to damage to internal parts too.

3. Battery standby time:
The battery life of the Bluetooth speaker is the same as that of the smart phone, but the longer the better. Under normal use, the ideal battery capacity of Bluetooth is maintained at 8-10 hours, listening for 3 hours per day, and can be maintained for 3 days. Taking a Bluetooth speaker with 2 speaker drives as an example, their power is around 8W~10W. To achieve an ideal playback time, it is best to have a battery capacity of over 1200mAh.

4. Sound quality
Objectively speaking, the sound quality of a small speaker is tiresome. Unlike HIFI speakers, which have large speakers and power, its sound quality is physically limited and cannot compete with a large speaker. However, for most users who are not too picky, using a small speaker with a tablet and phone is sufficient to meet their auditory needs. In this case, how to judge whether the sound quality is good or bad? The intuitive method is to listen. Pay attention to several points: first, whether the volume of the speaker are large enough; Secondly, whether there is a break in the treble at the maximum popularity; The most commonly used part of listening to pop music and watching movies is the mid frequency portion of the speaker. Pay attention to whether the sound is distorted, whether the sound is excessively colored, and finally, the low frequency. Don't be too harsh, just meet your basic expectations.

5. Others
Many small speakers are promoted with new, novel design, and special features, such as built-in alarm clocks, wireless phone charging, NFC, and built-in colored lights. Although the features are dazzling and convenient, users should not ignore their core demands for purchasing Bluetooth speakers due to gorgeous advertising.

6. Brand
In addition, brand is also an important factor for considering. Normally big brands come with better quality and higher price.

Post time: Apr-04-2023